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People’s Artist of Belarus Leonid Shchemelev once again reminds us of his artistic credo, with his new personal exhibition

By Victor Mikhailov

leonid shchemelev

Soon, Leonid Shchemelev is to be granted another award for his achievements in the fine arts — this time, from the Union State. Only formalities are left , with the award due to be presented at the International Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival, held in early July. The Belarusian painter has been recognized over the Tkachev brothers, of Russia. In addition to Mr. Shchemelev’s implicit professional qualities, the jury has been enchanted by his lifelike style.

The Tkachev brothers are contemporaries of his, known for creating times past, depicting the hard labour, effort and bravery of the war years. They saw few topics which were interesting to them in the present days.

Mr. Shchemelev’s works, in turn, have wide public appeal, as proven by his recent exhibition, showcased at the Minsk gallery. His pictures are full of love for Belarus, standing out in their solemnity. He draws strong, colourful landscapes and still-life works, portraits and genre-pieces. His unusual passion aspires to explore the diverse beauty of our surrounding world via paint.

Vases of real flowers stand at the windows of the gallery, complimenting the works on display. The flowers depicted on his canvases look similar but have an even greater brightness, shining with a living flame. He has the right to exaggerate and invent, since this is what makes him unique. Leonid Shchemelev is not limited by the framework of his artistry; he chooses images and accents freely.

Of course, the artist’s interest in the surrounding world is portrayed through colour and emotion. However, in recent years, his colour palette has lacked dominance. Mr. Shchemelev’s ability to find expressive, artistic solutions while convincingly revealing objects is indisputable.

exhibition by leonid shchemelev

He first gained fame on producing his works devoted to the war. He had seen military action; at the age of 20, he left college to go to the frontline. Four years of war left a signifi cant mark on his soul, compelling Leonid to create works dedicated to the fate of his ‘war generation’.

However, he no longer uses this topic, noting that ‘war means death’. He stresses, “I love life. I make pictures which are full of optimism and belief in the future. They lack wars or commotion.”

Today’s show demonstrates works from the past decade. Some show the Belarusian countryside while others are devoted to rural folk holidays. Mr. Shchemelev’s characters are fi lled with the joy of life. Among the works on show is a portrait of People’s Poet of Belarus Yakub Kolas, depicted with a confident eye, looking into the distance. Leonid seems to reveal the philosopher’s true essence. At the same time, he has depicted a common man living among his contemporaries. A woman’s portrait stands out for its beauty, lyricism and femininity.

Mr. Shchemelev is still full of artistic force, despite being 86 years old. He does not make allowances for his age, working every day in his studio. He has his own gallery, full of pictures; they brightly demonstrate his artistic biography. His whole life has been consumed by the easel. Leonid draws inspiration from life’s diversity and is not afraid of portraying intimate emotions and nervous tension. However, a true master always yearns to solve problems. He learnt this long ago and now moves along his life path as a true artist.

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